Roof Restoration

Purchasing your home is a huge financial decision and there are always things that can go against a positive outcome to cause you financial distress. One such item are issues with the building’s roof that can often be overlooked. This article discusses the importance of getting the roof inspected before purchasing. (Information in this article has been supplied by the team at Roof Restoration Penrith).

As part of a process of buying a home, you’ll need to carry out a building inspection. Generally, a decent building inspector will include a thorough inspection of the roof, however some may not get up on the roof and carry a basic visual inspection of the roof from the top.

It is in your best interests to ensure the roof is inspected thoroughly. It goes without saying that a roof replacement or a roof restoration can be an expense that can leave you out of pocket for thousands of dollars.

Make sure you quiz your building inspector about how thoroughly they inspected the roof.

A handy tip is to carry out a brief inspection yourself. This is not to suggest that you actually get on the roof yourself, please don’t, but if you can see the roof from the ground or from the neighbours or even from the road cast your eyes about. Look for issues such as broken and cracked tiles, dislodged tiles, missing mortar from the ridge capping and in the case of metals roofs look for rusty sheets and/or sheets that don’t appear screwed down.

If you spot any of these issues, insist that the roof is inspected thoroughly. Many of these issues may indicate further problems with the roof which may not be visible to the untrained eye.

Any issues found with your roof can be used to negotiate for a cheaper price for the house. Or if you are not emotionally attached to purchasing this house, it could be an indicator to just walk away from this one.

Most decent roofing companies will be happy to assist in this process and happily provide you with an inspection report prior to purchase. There maybe a small fee involved but the potential losses that can be avoided are well worth the investment.

Hopefully we have been able to convince you how important it is to have the roof thoroughly inspected before purchasing a home. As suggested, if you have any doubts, give your local roofing experts a call and seek professional advice.