what are roof tilesIf you’re looking at roofing materials, you’ll definitely be thinking about a tile roof. Just what are roof tiles? They’re a versatile material that are fantastic for most roofing needs and have many pros with only a few cons.

Tile Roofs Can Withstand The Elements

Roof tiles are extremely resilient. They may last for a very long time, even when you reside in a place that sees severe weather conditions. Rain, snow, as well as other elements have a limited impact to roof tiles and if there is damage it is easy to repair a small part of your roof by replacing individual tiles. So long as it’s properly installed, tile roof will be able to continue for decades or higher.

It’s A Power Efficient Option

Roof tiles can help with the energy bills. If you’re hoping to lower your energy costs, you’ll definitely want to find a power efficient material such as this. When these tiles are together with the right decking and insulation, they are often extremely energy efficient. You can also get sun reflective paint that will help to increase your roofs energy effectiveness.

They’re A Safe Choice

These tiles are reliable, in addition to that their fire safety rating is extremely high. If you want to feel secure and safe in your house, you’ll definitely want to consider roofing tiles.

Roof Tiles Don’t Require Much Maintenance

Some roofing materials require a great deal of maintenance. If you want to change your roof, but don’t have the time, money, and energy to invest in maintenance, tiles are the best option for you. When roof tiles are new or have been newly restored they require a little to no maintenance depending on the weather. They can also be restored to greatly extend the lifespan of your roof.

These Come In A Variety Of Styles

It is possible to find tiles in a number of styles and colours that are sure to match your individual needs. Whether you’re searching for tiles that mimic the appearance of wood or tiles that resemble slate, you’ll be able to find tiles that appeal to you. These tiles come in a myriad of shapes, styles, and colours.

It’s An Eco-friendly Option

If you’ve been looking at ways to decrease your carbon footprint, you’ll definitely want to consider this green roofing materials. The types of materials utilized for these tiles won’t deplete natural elements. These tiles aren’t just great looking they’re also perfect for the planet. There are also now some high tech options that help to collect solar and reduce your impact even more.