Painting Your Roof Increases the Value of Your Home

roof adds value to your home

There are quite a few different ways to increase the value of your home available to us. A typically good place to start is the roof, an area that is often overlooked. However, it is not required to install a replacement roof in order to increase the quality of it. A much more economical approach is to have it painted.

There are so many various improvements that can be made throughout the various areas of a home. Despite this, it is often that the improvements will cause more trouble than what they will actually improve your home. Tackling the issue of your roof is a very wise place to start to begin increasing the value of your home.

Replacing your roof will often cost you over 10,000 dollars, still, an entirely new roof will undoubtedly add value to any home. This however, is not a very cost-effective method. As most roofs will survive for over 15 years, it is a good choice to keep your current roof if it is around or under this age. You will save much more money and get more out of your investment if you see the roofs’ life out.

By painting your roof, you can easily restore a look similar to when it was installed. Increasing the appearance and cleanliness of your roof will not only increase its value but also improve the overall look of your entire property.

Make sure that you make the right selection concerning the correct paint. For example, asphalt shingles are required to be protected with a moisture-resistant protective layer. Getting the correct paint, however, is not difficult. Through the help of a professional roofer, this job can be done quickly and efficiently.

Hiring a licensed roofer is no doubt the most efficient and safe way to go about painting your roof. It is so much safer to have an experienced, professional roofer do a good job on the roof when compared to you attempting to do it yourself. The initial cost of hiring a professional roofer will be paid over when the job is finished and you can see the increase in value of your property.

Additionally, the roof is required to be professionally and thoroughly cleaned before any painting work is done. In addition to this, any needed roof repairs will need to be completed.

Following the repainting job, it is typical that the value of your house will increase by quite a bit. It certainly is more economical to have a new paint job on the roof than to replace it entirely.

For additional assistance concerning your specific requirements and wants, it is wise to consult your local roofing and/or painting contractors. You will certainly love the results after painting your roof!

What You Have To Know Before Installing A Skylight

skylightsBefore you install a skylight in your home, you need to consider a number of things. These points will ensure that you get the right skylight and that you are able to enjoy it for years to come.

Do Not Skimp On Quality

When you look at skylights, you should never skimp on the quality. Some of the quality points that you need to consider include the water tightness, the sound reduction, and the energy efficiency. There are a lot of manufacturers that offer high-quality skylights that you can choose. It is recommended that you wait until you can afford a quality skylight instead of getting a cheaper one that will not last or offer you everything that you need.

Carefully Consider The Placement

Where you are going to place the skylight has to be carefully considered. The placement will generally be determined by the rafters in your home and not simply where you want it to be. You should take the time to plan accordingly and ensure that you have a blueprint handy before you start cutting into the roof.

Know The Slope Before You Start

If you are going to be installing the skylight yourself, you need to determine the slope of your roof. This needs to be done before you buy any flashing. The reason for this is that most flashing kits will be for specific roofing pitches. Not knowing your roof slope and pitch could result in you having the incorrect flashing for the job.

Consider A Self-Ventilating Skylight

When you are looking for the skylight you are going to install. You should consider getting a self-ventilating skylight as they come with a number of benefits. The primary benefit is that you will be able to ventilate your room while you get additional light into it. When you do not have a ventilating skylight, you will only have the additional light and potentially heat which can cause problems.

Choose The Right Installer such as Roof Restoration South Adelaide

If you are not going to be installing the skylight yourself, you need to carefully select the contractor who does this. If you choose the wrong contractor your skylight could leak or cause problems for the rest of your roof. It is important that you look at reviews for the contractor and ensure that they have the correct licenses and insurance.

There are many points that you need to consider before you install a skylight. These points will ensure that you choose the right skylight and that it is placed correctly in your home.

A Short History of Slate Roofs

When you have a mortgage on an older property it may indeed have a beautiful slate roof. This is something that really can add value to the home. Here we take a look at the history of slate roofs.

Slate roofs have been around for over 700 years. Used on castles, it originally was a product reserved for such buildings because of its expense. Today, slate is still used on roofs. It is one of the longest lasting materials so anyone buying a century-old home with this material for the roof can expect to get plenty more use out of it.

Slate roofing Sydney
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Evidence of slate roofing is shown in records of homes in England and Wales in the 1300s. This material came as shale sediment. It was also composed of clay and volcanic ash depending on where it was sourced. By the very early 1800s, the rock was quarried in Spain. The process used was efficient and roofing made of slate become common in regular homes, not just castles or those meant for the wealthy.

Slate took off as a roofing material in America in the 1600s. A quarry opened in the late 1700s. It quickly became available to ordinary citizens. The material did not begin being mass quarried in the United States until the 1800s. The biggest producer of slate tiles is Vermont.

Vermont was home to many immigrants who arrived there in the mid-1800s from Wales. This is one reason they immediately set about finding a way to source and produce slate. When the railroads arrived, the slate produced there was able to be shipped across the nation.

It was the most common material used for roofing in the country until the early 1900s. Homes built from this time period that exist today often still have the slate roofs intact. It is a long-wearing, durable, weather-resistant, fire-resistant material. Its average lifespan is about 100 years, making it one of the best materials for any roof. However, it is still very expensive.

When newer materials began appearing on the marking, including tiles and wood shake, they began to predominate. Slate felt out of favor as the first choice for many builders. This is because the other materials were easier in many cases to come by and they were cheaper.

When asphalt shingles came on the market they became the most common material used in home building. This left slate to fall away as a commonly used roofing material.

Today it has made a comeback due to many people wishing to refurbish older or historic homes. It is still the most expensive roofing material but it is durable and it offers a beauty that withstands the test of time.

Roofing Issues to be Aware of

roofsIdentifying many of the most common roof problems at the beginning can help save you a lot of money over time. It may well help save you from spending a fortune on complete roof replacement down the road. There are many common signs that may tell the homeowner that you will find a issue with his/her roof. Here are among the common roofing problems that you have to search for.

Poor or faulty installation

Poor or faulty installation is a type of roofing problem that can dramatically lessen the lifespan of your roof. A qualified and experienced roofing contractor should have installed the roof properly to avoid such problems. Moisture get underneath the layers in the roof over time on account of wind, rain, snow, hail, ice, and debris. This could result in leaks, rotting, and the spreading of mold around the roof. Preventive maintenance is very important to keep your roof clear of such issues. Make sure that you work with a reliable roofer in the community to keep the roof preventing it from deteriorating due to the aforementioned problems.

Flashing issues

Flashing is essential to seal areas in the roof which have been penetrated for a number of reasons such as vents, pipes, chimneys, skylights, or HVAC systems. Once the flashing is not really attached properly, it may cause open seams and make the tiles to blow off over time. For this reason it is essential to install the flashing properly. Make sure that you employ a professional roofing company when installing the flashing.

Pests and damage

Small birds and animals can affect the roof. If you discover such animals residing in your attic, you must eliminate them without delay to avoid them from damaging the rooftop. Water that ponds on the roof is another common issue affecting a lot of the roofs. A standard cause for this is improper drainage from HVAC systems and debris buildup about the roof. Overhanging tree limbs can cause damage to your roof as time passes. Hence, it is essential to cut such limbs before they grow into a challenge. These are one of the common roofing problems that you have to care for before it is too far gone.